12 Hours Or So

My first day with a new MacBook Pro

Today I tested my new MacBook Pro’s battery life. I took a bus, then a train over an hour out of town, and hung out in a library all day doing my standard work while tethered to my phone. Then I got lunch and made the same trip back. It’s now 7:30pm and I’ve been presented with this message:

Today I’ve used the battery for about 11 and a half hours, and it thinks I have another hour to go. It’s not 20 hours, but it’s still a lot of battery life.

Today I made a point to use my computer exactly the way I would if I were plugged in. Same screen brightness, same apps, same behaviours. Like a lot of designers, I spend most of my day in Slack, Figma, and Chrome, which are all big battery and processor hogs. I also used my computer to charge my phone and AirPods, like I normally do.

I remember the first time I used WiFi on a laptop. Suddenly I didn’t need to stay in a special room to use a computer, because I could use it anywhere! The freedom at the time was exciting, and that’s how this feels. Now I can go to a conference, use the laptop the entire time, and not worry about finding a plug. Same with a long distance flight. Or doing research in the field. Or hanging out in a library all day. Suddenly a lot more things seem possible.

I’ve gotten new laptops before, but this is only the second time it’s felt like my daily movements might change as a result of a new technology. If you had a laptop you hardly ever had to charge, how would your day change? That’s what I’m thinking through now. It’s pretty inspiring.

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