Designer, writer, teacher. I love building things.

A local woodworker in my community

[This was a 400 word article I wrote for my neighbourhood’s local newsletter. It features Brian Allen, a local woodworker. I have two of his breadboards in my house, as do many people in the area!]

Woodworkers often set up shop in a garage or a side room. Brian Allen…

Five Books in 2021 Journal, Issue #18

Stuff’s getting real, y’all. It’s crunch time, meaning transitioning from artist mode and into project manager mode. It’s time to make sure we ship!

I need to be done in a month

I use for my books, and I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and there’s a shipping crisis. And Christmas is coming…

Five Books in 2021 Journal, Issue #17

I found a little surprise waiting for me in my writing app. I thought I had to do a lot of curation work in order to prepare my fourth book for publication. But I had already done most of the work earlier this year. I’ve spent the last week doing the remaining work necessary, and now the book is about 90% done. Exciting!

And now I can turn my attention to book five. I’ve been writing a publication called Near Future Field Notes and I’m pretty proud of it. I think it’ll make a good book five. And then I’ll be done. Five books in one year. I might do it :)

Five Books in 2021 Journal, Issue #14

Tomorrow I’m going to give my son a book for his birthday. I’ve been working on it for the past year, and now it’s finally done. Today I was asked by a friend if I was “willing to share the table of contents and any thoughts you have about structure…

I did a stupid thing

I loved my time at Twitter. I worked there for nearly four years starting in 2014. Most people probably remember me as being very high energy, very talkative, and pretty positive. I was really happy to be there, and I let everyone know it.

Then in 2019 I decided I’d…

Jon Bell

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