A Very Famous Designer Was Nice To Me and I Still Think About It

It said more about him than me

My first week at Twitter overlapped with his last week or two, back in 2014. I was in the corner of the design studio in the morning, unpacking my stuff and he came over. He said something along the lines of

You know, it’s easier to leave the team when I know people like you are joining it.”

And I’m not saying this out of modesty, or trying to humblebrag, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea who I am. Really! I think he actually came over to say that to a new person on the team, because he knew it was a kind and supportive thing to say, without actually having seen my portfolio. Or being in my interview loops, or having talked to me. And I’m certainly not famous.

It was just a really awesome thing to say, and an awesome way to pass the torch. I think of that quote often, and try to come up with ways to make other people feel as welcome and supported as he did.

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