Auditioning Ideas

The difference an open door makes

I noticed that Paul Ford is writing a lot again. He reappeared after two years and wrote a single post. Then another one, five days later. Then two days later. And he just wrote another one three hours ago. If he’s like most creative people, and stays with his pattern from years past, we’re about to see more content. His audition door is open.

Imagine being inside a simple unmarked storefront in a strip mall. You have nothing for sale and no sign on the door. The windows are taped over with old newspaper, and the door is closed. No one’s going to stop by.

Now imagine you put out in ad in Craigslist or the local free paper calling for open auditions at your dusty storefront. “Variety show auditions: 1–5pm on Saturday,” it might say before listing the address and helpful directions. “Turn right at the Hobby Lobby entrance and we’re at the far end.”

There’d be a line around the block. And the only difference would be the open door. These talented people have always existed, but letting the world know that you’re ready to receive them actually makes them appear. And I think that’s how creativity works. When you decide you’re closed for business, it doesn’t seem like there are many people out there. But when you decide you’re going to start writing again, the ideas line up around the block.

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