How the DNC Screwed Bernie in 2016

A common misconception

Some things become accepted conventional wisdom even if they’re not strictly true. I think liberals like me are quick to find the holes in right-wing talking points about the things that Trump clings to like the “Deep State” but we’re slow to find the holes in our own stories. Here’s one: the myth that the DNC screwed Bernie in 2016.

  1. Sanders’ campaign said Wasserman Schultz sucked in Nevada and she responded “damn liar” and “Particularly scummy that he barely acknowledges the violent and threatening behavior that occurred.”
  2. Sanders’ campaign said Wasserman Schultz was mean to him, and she said he wasn’t even a Democrat. (which is true)
  3. Sanders’ campaign attacks the DNC for rigging the process and Clinton’s lawyer explains how to respond, saying there’s a precedent.
  4. By late May, the Democratic primaries are basically done. Sanders couldn’t catch up, but was attacking the DNC for being mean again. The DNC was talking about how to respond.
  5. A few days before #5, the DNC was wondering why Sanders was contesting CA because the math made it impossible for him to win.
  6. A few weeks before #5, same thing. Wondering why Sanders was still holding on since there was no mathmatical way to win.
  7. Around the same time (early May) a radio DJ wanted an interview with the DNC. Someone at the DNC said “wait is he a Bernie Bro?”
  1. The Sanders campaign kept attacking the DNC publicly and the head of the DNC was venting internally about it.
  2. Once the Sanders campaign had zero ability to win, DWS was wondering internally what he was playing at.

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