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42 essays that never left the nest

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Apple Is Running Away With it

Ungrateful New Zealanders

30% and Good Design

Difficult Artists

If I Were Trump


Hello! Today I responded to your questions.

Flattening the country

Welcome to the Alphero Forecast


An Open Letter to Those Who Request Innovative Breakthroughs

A Society Without News

VR is Good At Showing You Things


Don’t Try To Be Different, Try To Be Good.

Spotify and Apple’s Spat, Summarised

1. From the heart

Design Explosions #1: Mapping on iOS

I Have No Idea What I’m Talking About: Ageing

I Have No Idea What I’m Talking About: Loyalty

I Have No Idea What I’m Talking About: Fashion

Untitled story

Here Is Where I Will Write

Untitled story

Untitled story

Untitled story

Meet the Freedom Caucus

Dear Ev and Julien

Untitled story

Your App Is Good And You Should Feel Good

Those Who Would Tear You Down

Salaries Cost Money

How I Love Medium

I Have No Idea Who Hank Green Is

The Two Clubs

I’m Tired of the Number Games

Sighing About Android



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On Mellowing

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