Reasonable Defaults

A book about listening, learning, and leading

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Chapter One: Listen

Getting To “It Depends”

Be Still

A Better Design Critique

Ugly Babies

Some of the Many Times Steve Jobs Fell Short

Open Letter to People Who Send Feature Requests to Product Team Members

How to Write Design Documentation

The New Table Stakes

Chapter Two: Learn

“I Thought You Were Born With It”

The Triangle Epiphany

Jim Morrison vs No Man’s Sky

The Graph That Changed Me

First, Best, Free

“Shipping the Org Chart” and Omelettes

Deiter Rams Could Not Have Foreseen Dick Pics

What the Orange Badges Taught Me

Leaning Out

Four Tricks

Seeking vs Flow

I No Longer Trust Notification Badges

Some Stories About Designing for Voice

Robots Are Replacing Designers

Chapter Three: Lead

The Ideal Speech For a New Lead

Pick a Lane

Bury, Bloat, or Kill

The $1000 Birthday Bonus

Slow or Choppy? A Litmus Test


Getting Stuck in the Gobi Desert

Solo, Paired, Grouped

Puppy Features

Hire the Settings Designer

All The Things That Don’t Matter

My Big Pink Watch and Dorky Headphones

Machine Learning Is Indistinguishable from Magic

Surviving Information Warfare


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I love building things.

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