The People I Am Looking For

In the early days of the internet, like-minded people found each other by subscribing to topics. You’d find fellow fans of your favourite band, or fellow cat enthusiasts, or people who lived in your town. This worked really well back then, and it works really well now. But I don’t want to find people based on topic anymore. I want to find them based on their attitudes and way at looking at life. Here is who I am looking for.

Curious people are a lot of fun. When you talk to them, they can tell you about the neat new thing they just learned, and are eager to hear about the thing you’re excited about too.

Life is hard, and everyone is struggling with their own issues. But there are some people who manage to be realistic without falling into despair. They have plans and they try things. That’s really inspiring.

I met someone I disagreed with politically and then marvelled as we both bent over backwards to see things the other person’s way. I felt tight knots of debate loosening in my mind, and it was amazing.

It’s easy to be kind to your own friends. It’s really hard to be kind to people you don’t necessarily agree with. When you find someone who can do that, study them. They can teach you things.

There’s nothing wrong with people asking for likes and follows on the internet, and trying to make some money doing it. But I love finding people who don’t spend time marketing themselves because they don’t need to. They’d do the same thing even with no one watching.

When you search by topic, you get a bunch of people who care a lot about that same topic. That can limit the range of interesting things to talk about! I want a group of people where we all have things to share and learn.

So that’s who I’m looking for, and I know I’m not alone. But finding these people can’t be found with a clever search in Google. It takes exploration off the algorithmically-beaten path. It’s a slow, manual process, full of dead-ends. And it’s a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

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