The Thing About Jetpacks

A book about designing wonderful things


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The Benefits of Isolation Has One of the Best Experiences on the Internet

“Flick to TV” Represents Everything Wrong With Product Design Today

Apple Avoids the Temptation of Jetpack Design

I Recently Saw a Delicious Interaction That Most Restaurants Could Learn From

They Mean Well

Track 8 Is a Joy To Use

What’s Your Cup of Tea?

Your Sign-up Form Tells Me All I Need To Know

One Of My Favorite Buttons

Opening Your Mind So Wide the Ghosts Slip In

“I Wish This App Looked the Same On All Platforms,” Said No One, Ever

Drawing Inspiration From Roller Coasters

Andy Crewdson, Where’d You Go?

Remember to Ask Why

Opting Out of Military French Toast

A Brief History of Love On the Internet

A Tale of Two Cars

The Perils of Designing For a Sometimes Myopic Design Community

Bad Usability for Good Reasons

Dogmatic Design

The Uncanny Valley of Assumptions Hidden in Guessware

Bad Tools

Design Alchemy

Designing for the Cloud: A Manifesto

Loss Aversion

Boiling Frogs

Delivering an Opus On a Punk Budget

Solving Problems by Thinking Really Hard


The Fear

Wearing Computers

Getting it Wrong

50 Words

McDonald’s Theory

Hidden Complexity Isn’t Simplicity

Data Design

Laying a Good Foundation

The Lesson I Learned in Plano

All or None Design

Airports Made of Cake

Consistency Considered Harmful

Figuratively Literally Language


Where We All Sound the Same

Investment Creates Pride

What You’re Willing To Leave Behind

Designing with Placeholders

Overdoing It

The Easiest Version

Sorting Through the Noise

Mobile Has Reached Peak Delight

Magical User Interfaces

Of Course

Brand is Misunderstood


Things Regular People Do

Be Bold


Design is how it works

We Are All Builders

Where There Never Was a Hat


I love building things.

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