Two of Our Wildest Ideas are Shipping

These things take time

I think the conventional wisdom around politics and tech companies is “they don’t care, and will only do what brings them more power.” I have a different view. To me it’s more like this: the people in these places care deeply, and are working in a very complex system with a lot of competing viewpoints. No one ever gets everything they want, but there is progress being made over time. But each new step forward, whether it’s legislation or a new feature, is greeted with “this is the worst idea ever” or “too little, too late” or “why don’t they just _______?” Then the original outcry dies down and it’s taken for granted and seen as obvious in hindsight.

Feature #1: some sort of Supreme Court for controversial decisions

No one trusts tech companies. This is not lost on the tech companies. One idea we had batted around was the ability to take certain controversial decisions, turn them into case studies, and post them publicly. Then, for added credibility, we could have external boards making the final decision and a leadership who promised to abide with their recommendations.

Feature #2: the ability to “tag” tweets for others

I’ve been beating this drum for five years, and people had worked on this concept well before that. Imagine if you could sort by “funny” on Twitter. Or say “don’t show any political content.” Or “deprioritise clickbait.” It could fundamentally alter the entire information economy.

“Don’t tell me things can’t change”

Twitter was very different ten years ago, five years ago, and even two years ago. And that’s true for most of the products you use, from your smartphone to Netflix, and even the federal government. And every one of these changes takes large groups of people years to dream up, ideate, test, and release.

I love building things.

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