What We Said 90 Days Ago

When Trump was elected in 2016, I kicked off an art experiment called 90 Days Ago Trump. The idea was I’d write political articles, then put them in a time capsule for 90 days before posting them.

For example, I wrote this on December 26, 2016 about Trump’s very wealthy cabinet and their big ideas for leading their areas:

And then the fun part was that the essay wasn’t actually posted live for 90 days, so by then we could compare and contrast with the reality on the ground. You could see conventional wisdom shifting in real time!

I wrote the first burst of essays through the early part of 2017, then stopped until about 90 days ago, because I wanted to record how things were feeling in the final stages of the Biden/Trump campaign. On September 26, I wrote See You In December where I summarised what we were all talking about:

But the post I’d really like to point you to is simply called September 26, 2020. Notable quote:

The funny thing about Trump is how transparent he is. We can see things coming from far away because he explains every move he’s going to make beforehand. And projects like this help make that super clear.

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